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Never Be Fooled by a Non-Performing Realtor Again

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Your Go-To Guy

As a real estate agent, Shawn has experience working as the agent for the

buyer, seller and both “Dual Agent.” This requires careful handling to ensure you serve the best interest of both parties.

In doing so he has handled sales on properties such as Commercial, Residential, Mixed Use, Short Sales, Foreclosures, New Construction, Relocations and International.

It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing your first home or if you’re an experienced investor. Shawn has the skills to help you get the best deal possible.

I’m Not Just Investor Friendly, I’m an Investor!

Shawn has always had a passion for real estate. Early on he was able to gain experience by purchasing investment properties, either as income generating “Rentals” or redevelopment “Flipping.”

He often provides information to interested investors on the process and the necessary steps to get started or to grow. This quickly gives him a reputable name as the go to person for all real estate questions related to construction, management, buying and/or selling.

After years of investing and consulting Shawn decided to obtain a real estate license where he would be able to handle every aspect of the transaction.

Have you ever watched an average “Joe” go on TV and buy an investment property and said to yourself, If they can do it I can do it?

Good news is it’s not what you know but who you know.

The bad news is how do you know if the source of knowledge you choose is correct?